A MAZE. / Berlin 2020

9th International Games and Playful Media Festival


by Goblin rage (Denmark)

Genre: simulator of human experiences

In the near future, human life has become perfect. Every aspect of life and existence has reached perfection. BORE DOME is a magical pill from the future, giving humans the option of experiencing imperfection and moments of mediocrity. BORE DOME can be consumed as entertainment, medicine, or as a document of something exotic, distant and extinct.

BORE DOME is a video game simulating boring, mundane, unhinged, weird, uncomfortable and awkward human experiences. In this first person exploration game containing puzzle elements, the player traverses through a series of levels / rooms / pills that contain characters, artifacts and objects. The player has a repertoire of abilities that are inspired by real life senses like seeing, smelling, hearing, etc but also other skills such as crying. The objective is to “solve” each room and open the door to the next one, but at the same time observe and experience each given situation.

Platform: PC