A MAZE. / Berlin 2020

9th International Games and Playful Media Festival


by Connor Bell (Canada)

Genre: Exploration

Angeline is an interactive VR space that immerses participants in a calm, generative environment that is organic, yet rigid in form. People are invited to explore the relationships between their movements and the procedures which transform the shape and sound of the environment. It’s a space for contemplation of the emergent complexities within structures composed of simple, repetitive transformations.

The surface is generated with a kaleidoscopic fractal algorithm. This is a procedure that repeatedly draws polyhedrons while transforming the space by folding, scaling, translating and rotating. These structures are tessellated in space to make an immersive lattice.

Angeline was created in Unity with a custom raymarching rendering algorithm. As opposed to the light thought of as entering our eyes from space, this technique projects rays into space and takes steps along themselves until they intersect with the kaleidoscopic surface.

Platform: Oculus, vive